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Total Focus

Our MD totally believes that retail therapy is a cure for all ills. She proudly boasts that she never pays full price for anything, unless she has to! Adores her grandchildren (Livvie & Noah - they had to have a name check), eating out, good conversation with friends, weekends away with her sisters and a large JD & Coke about 9.30pm on a Friday night.

Work hard, play hard is her mantra although her advancing years is making this increasingly difficult and she now has to spend all day Sunday in recovery.

Total Focus

When our financial director isn't steering us on a sound economic course, she is a DIY whiz. A mix of Sarah Beeny, Kirsty Allsop with a sprinkle of Lawrence Llewelyn Bowen, she has completely re-modelled several houses leaving her husband to pursue his many sporting interests, for which he is rather grateful.

She is a bit of a sports widow and is being forced to go to Barbados to watch the cricket again this year - how awful.

Total Focus

Our office manager has hidden talents - when she isn't managing the field, writing screeners and project managing, she is a semi professional tuba player. She studied at The Conservatoire in Birmingham, don't you know! So she doesn't blow her own trumpet, she blows her own tuba!

Sharon also loves foreign travel, and likes experiencing different cultures by back packing round some of the more unlikely destinations such as China and Venezuela. By the way don't ever offer her nuts to eat - she isn't allergic, they are just plain wrong.

Total Focus

Isabelle manages the telephone unit and likes to relax by taking long country walks with her husband with stop offs at local hostelries for pints of real ale. A long and distinguished career in market research meant we were eager to take her on and she is learning that qualitative recruitment can be just as challenging as the quantitative work she is more used to.

Her Scottish heritage is still evident in the lilt in her voice that has not waned despite years south of the border with the Sassenachs.

Total Focus

Following graduation in criminology and psychology, Abs thought coming to work for us as a field controller would be a fascinating case study. Recently married she took her honeymoon in the Maldives and loves travelling to far flung, romantic destinations, where she lies in the sun for the duration, only opening her eyes to sip at an exotic cocktail or three.

She is best known for her almost obsessive love of lip gloss, she has thousands, all in varying shades of pink.

Total Focus

Lorna is getting married shortly so is rushed off her feet with dresses, flowers, photographers and all the other bridal preparations. Her degree in Health Sciences took her from uni to the NHS, where she was a PA to a Trauma Consultant.

She decided to move from one type of trauma to another when she joined us as a field controller. Lorna loves going out with the girls and decorating the home she has bought with her husband to be.

Total Focus

Cat likes the darker side of life, she is fascinated by anything macabre (especially Sophie's forensic pathology text books). A rock chick at heart, Cat studied theatrical make up and can do some awesome make up effects on Hallowe'en.

Our admin support function is always in safe hands with Cat and she also co-ordinates our studio bookings, so her hands are pretty full.

Total Focus

Vicky, one of our admin support staff, has just returned from maternity leave and little Demi is adorable. Her figure returned to normal almost immediately, which we all hate her for, of course. She has a major crush on the mobile phone which has to be surgically removed from the side of her head, occasionally, for essential maintenance work.

She wears large hoop earrings as they double up as a phone rest!

Total Focus

We call her CSI Sophie here as she has a degree in Forensic Science. She helps us on a part time basis with IQCS administration and entertains the more macabre members of staff with some pretty awful text books from her uni days. Her ambition is to become an expert in blood pattern analysis. Sophie loves the West End and she has, so far, seen Wicked three times.

When she has made her first million, she will be buying a Bugatti Veyron as her passion is fast cars and Formula One. A real petrol head, Silverstone, Top Gear Live and Goodwood Festival of Speed are annual must sees.

Total Focus

Jane is our telephone unit social butterfly, always out with friends for dinners, balls and parties. She manages to fit in a full time job in telephone recruitment but only just, lucky thing. Jane worked for many years in travel so there are very few parts of the world she hasn't seen.

She also has hidden talents, she is ambidextrous and can write backwards (useful for our Chinese clients!). She loves shopping, socialising and eating out but hates impoliteness, bad service and crowded public transport.

Total Focus

Faye works in our telephone unit and is our 'green' conscience. Unsurprisingly she hates injustice, poverty and corruption but also herbal sweets (they're gorgeous, Faye!). She loves kids and is expecting her first grandchild very soon (though you would never believe she was old enough to look at her - cascading curls and a figure to die for).

Faye lives in a haunted house and often has visitations from 'Ron' the friendly apparition.

Total Focus

Our grand dame of the telephone unit, Sylvia has been with us from our humble beginnings. A celebrated dancer, she has now given up her tap dancing days, due to an injury (she fell in the sink!). Sylvia once won a beauty contest and she proudly told us that there was more than one contestant. Don't go anywhere near Sylvia if you're a politician - she can't stand them, all the promises that never materialise get on her goat.

Sylvia is to be found, in the summer months either sunning herself at a villa in Spain or on a P & O Cruise - she likes to holiday in style.

Total Focus

Val is multi-talented, she works in our telephone unit and at our studio. She is everyone's mom, she looks after us all makes sure we have drinks, are eating right and generally cares for us all. Devoted to her fox terrier, Harry (who knows he's the apple of Val's eye and misbehaves accordingly), she can often be found in the park taking Harry for his daily constitutional.

When she isn't looking after us all she takes care of her husband, her two children and anyone else in her extended family who needs anything.

Total Focus

Jayne is our exotic and cosmopolitan member of staff. She lived in Jordan for many years after marrying. She moved back here a few years back and has very expensive tastes in handbags and cars. Jayne makes our studio clients feel at ease and also helps in our telephone unit.

She loves a designer bargain and would easily win any best dressed contest.

Total Focus

Lorraine helps Julie get the money in! When she isn't up to her eyes in invoices and pay claims, she can be found spoiling her two grandchildren rotten. Freddie & Jasmine adore her and the feeling is completely mutual.

We always know when Lorraine has arrived in the morning, the aroma of Golden Syrup Oatso Simple wafts over the entire office. You can even smell it from outside the building!

Total Focus

Sue is our Mancunian member of the telephone unit. If you didn't know she worked on telephone, you'd guess it because she talks for England! She fits working for us around the many holidays she takes every year with her husband - what a life. Her other passion is Jazz and spends many an evening soaking up smooth tunes at the various concert halls and music venues in the city.

She used to work as a counsellor for The Samaritans, their loss was our gain.